Teen Playbook got a major upgrade!

Navigating relationships, sexual health and birth control options can be overwhelming, especially as a young person. That’s why, the Teen Playbook is unveiling a new look! Designed for today’s teens, the new gives young people the tools they need to take control of their own sexual health.

Refreshed & Expanded!

Along with a new design, Teen Playbook now features:

New Content

We’ve expanded the site to include new sections about STIs, health and safety info for LGBTQ youth and more stuff for guys.

Find a Doc

Our nifty search tool can help teens find birth control, STI tests, and teen-friendly healthcare services by just typing in a zip code!

Birth Control information

Tailored to teens, this section covers the birth control options, practical information on costs and how to get them, and pros and cons so teens are empowered to pick a method that works for them.

Your Rights

Specially designed to address common barriers teens face when accessing health care, our expanded Your Rights section helps teens understand their rights when it comes to sexual health and health care.

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