New Billboards Ask Parents A Big Question

How will your kid learn about sex?

That’s the question posed in our new parent-focused billboard campaign, scheduled to appear throughout the holiday travel season.

Young people often learn about sex, relationships, and pregnancy prevention from the media, peers, significant others, or online sources. These sources often present inaccurate facts or unhealthy ideas.   

The billboard campaign encourages parents to consider safer sources for factually accurate, age-appropriate information. Experts recommend these include a combination of sources, such as parent-child communications, comprehensive school-based sex education, doctors, and community programs.  

The billboards are expected to appear in Greenville, Kinston, Jacksonville, Elizabeth City, Charlotte, Greensboro, Gastonia, Wilson, and Anson County


The Billboards

Computer Billboard

Young people consume vast quantities of online media, often including pornography. Parents and educators should prepare young people to tell myth from fact, and help them develop healthy expectations about sex, relationships, and the human body. 

Couple Billboard

Most young people become sexually active before finishing high school - roughly 70% of North Carolina students have had sex by 12th grade. Parents, educators, and doctors should help equip young people with knowledge about sexual health, as well as the skills needed to make wise decisions, withstand pressure, differentiate between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and negotiate condom and contraceptive use. 


Here's where you can find our billboards: 

  • Greenville-3304 NC 11 (Memorial Drive) west side, 0.1 mile south of US 264
  • Kinston- 598 US 70 Bypass, south side, 0.8 mile east of NC 11/55, facing east
  • Jacksonville- NC 24/NC 24 bypass, south side, 0.8 mile east of NC 53, facing east
  • Elizabeth City- 1296 US 17, west side, 300’ north of Barnhill Drive, facing north
  • Gastonia- Hwy 274, North side, 400’ east of Robinwood Road, facing east
  • Charlotte- Brookside Blvd., 60 ft. north of Caldwell Williams Road, east side
  • Greensboro-West side of I-85 at Creekridge Road, facing south
  • Concord/Kannapolis- West side of Cannon, south of Dakota, facing south
  • Wilson- West side of US 301 @Thorne Avenue, facing north
  • New Bern-North side of US 70, .3 mile east of Airport Road facing west to James City


Key Facts: 

  • Teens report that parents are their #1 influence on decisions about sex; friends rank #2. Unfortunately, many parents miss the opportunity to share information about sex because they're too nervous, think it won't matter, or mistakenly think it will encourage sexual activity.
  • North Carolina schools require comprehensive sex education in grades 7, 8, and 9.  Parents and public health experts agree that this is a good thing!
  • North Carolinians have the right to talk to a doctor in confidence about pregnancy prevention or HIV/STDs, regardless of age. (Parents think that's important, too.) 

Learn more in our Resources for Parents


Special thanks to the North Carolina Outdoor Advertisers Association for their in-kind support and Vincent Printing for their production services.