May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, a North Carolina-born, national event to have a thoughtful conversation about young people and pregnancy.

Too often, conversations about teen pregnancy are guided by myths rather than facts. These misconceptions can make it harder for communities to support young people. We hope you’ll use Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month as an opportunity to do some mythbusting!

  • Teen pregnancy is at a historic low in North Carolina, down more than 60% since it peaked in the 1990s. Despite this, most Americans think teen pregnancy is on the rise.
  • Teens’ own smart decisions are driving the trend. Though cultural representations of teens tend to focus on their supposed irresponsibility, today’s teens start having sex at an older age and are much more likely to use birth control than teens in previous generations.
  • Communities make a big difference. Effective sex education, more engaged parents, better access to birth control, better birth control methods, and supportive communities all make it possible for young people to make the smart decisions they’re making.
  • Prevention pays off! While investments in family planning and sex education might seem controversial (in reality, they’re not), taxpayers reap a big reward. In fact, a new report realesed this week shows that the decline in teen pregnancies saves North Carolina taxpayers more than $389 million each year!

Here are some other great ways to get involved this Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month:

Thanks so much for being a part of a movement to empower young people and strengthen their communities, support systems, and families. We’re proud to have you with us!