Helping young people be safe, healthy, and responsible – and stay that way for a lifetime – is only effective when it’s a team effort.

So what’s your role? It might be:

  • Talking to your own child about sex, relationships, health, and values
  • Providing effective sex education
  • Serving adolescent patients in accordance with both North Carolina law and best practice
  • Making sure your family is safe and strong – even if you’re a teen mom or dad
  • Taking responsibility for your own health

We recognize that navigating those roles and responsibilities can be challenging:

  • You might feel embarrassed to talk about sexual health
  • Maybe you just got assigned to teach sex education
  • You’re not sure what’s good information and what’s myth or stereotype

We’ve developed this resource section for you! Whether you’re a teen, adult, parent, teacher, or doctor – or just someone who cares – we hope this section helps.

In This Section

For Young People

For Parents

For Schools

For Young Parents

For Medical Professionals