Training Accessibility Statement

SHIFT NC is committed to making our trainings as accessible as possible. Our training site is located at 3710 University Drive, Suite 308, Durham, NC 27707.  The training room is on the third floor of the building. If reaching the third floor using the elevator, take a left off the elevator, and then an immediate right.  If reaching the third floor using the stairs, take a left out of the stairwell and walk straight. There is typically a whiteboard sign outside the training room identifying the training. 

While SHIFT NC provides various accommodations (listed below), we recognize that people likely require additional accommodations. If you need additional accommodations, please contact the Director of Training and Consulting Services at 919-226-1880 x 109 or We will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations as requested.  However, if we’re unable to provide an accommodation, we will contact you prior to the training/event.

We provide the following accommodations at our training site:


  • If you have an airborne allergy, please let us know ahead of time so that we can ask other participants to refrain from using/bringing this item.

Pumping/ Nursing

  • By request, we can offer a secure private area for pumping with an electrical outlet, a sink to wash pump parts, and a refrigerator to store milk. If this is something you need please let us know prior to the training.


  • Our restrooms are located a few feet away from the training room.
  • Our restrooms have multiple stalls.
  • Our restrooms are wheelchair/scooter accessible.
  • Unfortunately, at this time we only have Men’s and Women’s restrooms.  We are working with the building to provide a gender-neutral restroom option.  Until then we encourage people to use whichever restroom they feel most comfortable in. People can use the bathrooms on the second floor if they’d like more privacy.  These are located in the same spot, just one floor down.

Mobility Access

  • Our elevators are in the center of the building.
  • Mobility accessible parking is available on three sides of the building.  There are multiple entrances, but only the entrance facing Shannon Rd and the construction site (soon to be new condos) has an ADA compliant ramp and door automation. 
  • The training room (has a clear pathway (at least 36”) with movable seating to make room for a wheelchair/ scooter.


  • We offer short breaks throughout the training.
  • Attendees are encouraged to leave the room or stand as needed.
  • There are designated areas for smoking, located on the side of the building near the construction site and table.


  • Go Durham busses 10, 10a, 10b, and 20 stop on University Drive at Weymouth St, .1 miles from our office.
  • There is ample free parking in the parking lot surrounding our office building.
  • There are no bike locks at our location, but you’re welcome to bring your bike into the office/ training space.

Service Animals/Persons

  • Service animals and service persons are welcome at our trainings.
  • There are grassy areas beside the building for service animals to use the bathroom.

Sensory Toys

  • Various sensory toys are provided at each table at our trainings. Attendees are encouraged to play with them and utilize them throughout the training.
  • Please feel free to bring your own sensory toy to our training.


  • We often provide lunch and snacks during our training. If you have a food allergy, please let us know when you register!
  • We have refrigerators available for any food (including breast milk) or medication.
  • We have a water fountain and water cooler.
  • Attendees are welcome to eat and drink as needed throughout the training.

Seating Considerations

  • Most of our chairs have general cushion pads. We welcome you to bring your own chair cushions or supports. You are also welcome to stand at any point in the training.
  • The chairs in our training room do not have arms on them. The chairs in our board room have a mix of arms and no arms.

Language Access

  • Our trainings are typically offered in English, unless otherwise specified.

Visual/ Auditory Accessibility

  • We utilize a large-screen projector during our trainings. The color template utilized on our slides includes dark purple, teal, peach, light blue, lime green, white, and black.
  • No microphones are used by our trainers. In the event that a video is used, we will use full volume and captions (if available).
  • There is no bright or flashing lighting in our training room. We may also turn the front or back lights off to dim lighting, should this be requested.
  • There are windows covering one wall of our training room. These have blinds and can be covered upon request.
  • We can provide copies of the PowerPoint slides from trainings before/ after the training by request.

Additional Considerations

  • We offer a schedule/agenda of the training at the training.
  • Our training room is carpeted.