Training and Technical Assistance Services

SHIFT NC can tailor trainings to fit your organization’s needs.

We offer a wide range of curricula training, as well as training on a variety of topics including adolescent sexual health, teen-friendly health care, sex education skills, supporting and affirming LGBTQ youth, conducting needs assessments, program design, and evaluation.

A tailored training can help you:
• Implement a new curriculum with all facilitators officially trained
• Incorporate local needs, procedures, or information into a training
• Build staff cohesion around ways to reduce teen pregnancy

We also know that a training may not be enough and we offer technical assistance and consulting services to help you implement and strengthen your programs.

How to Schedule a Tailored Training

To begin the process of planning a tailored training, please submit an application at least 2 months before your desired training date. Our Director of Training and Consulting Services will contact you to begin coordinating your event. 

To begin, please fill out the following:

Tailored Training Application

Training Options


Our staff has expertise in a wide variety of evidence-based curricula, including:






Making Proud Choices! Making Proud Choices! is an evidence-based prevention program which includes a focus on the reasons and strategies to delay sexual initiation as well as skills for defining personal goals, negotiating safer sex, and correctly using contraceptives, including condoms. It is targeted at middle school African American, Hispanic, and White adolescents. This is a two-and-a-half day training.

Making Proud Choices! an adaptation for Youth in Out-of-Home Care. This training focuses on the 10-module adaptation of Making Proud Choices. This is a two-day training with a two-hour pre-training webinar.

Project AIM. Project AIM is a group-level youth development intervention for youth ages 11-14. Project AIM is designed to reduce HIV risk behaviors among youth by encouraging at-risk youth to imagine a positive future and discuss how current risk behaviors can be a barrier to a successful adulthood. This is a three-day training

Safer Choices. Safer Choices is an integrated (HIV and pregnancy prevention) evidence-based curriculum targeting ninth and tenth graders in a school setting. It is a multi-component approach that engages school personnel, parents, peer educators, and the community. This is a three-day training and requires a prior readiness preparation meeting with SHIFT NC staff.

Seventeen Days. Seventeen Days is a clinic-based, interactive DVD program designed to educate young women about contraception and STDs. The DVD presents the viewer with different scenarios involving decisions that young women face in relationships. Participants can practice what they would do in similar situations and learn more information about STDs and contraception along the way! The training helps you think how to integrate this program into your clinic flow and is best integrated as part of efforts to make clinics more youth-friendly.

Reducing the Risk. Reducing the Risk is a 16-module intervention aimed at high school students to help them develop skills to prevent pregnancy, STDs, and HIV. This is a two-day training.

• Other curricula-specific trainings. We have long-standing partnerships with other state and national organizations that provide training. If we cannot provide the curriculum training you need, we can usually help you connect with a training provider who can.

LGBTQ Youth Capacity

SHIFT NC offers professional development opportunities to build the capacity of youth-serving professionals to affirm lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth and to create supportive environments for all students. A growing body of research demonstrates that supportive adults positively impact LGBTQ youth health outcomes, including lowering risk of suicidality and increasing feelings of belonging.

If you or your staff have questions like, “What are age-appropriate responses to young people who use anti-LGBTQ language?” or “What can I say if a young person comes out to me?” please reach out to to learn more about our training and technical assistance offerings.

Opportunities include:

  • How to be an Ally for LGBTQ Youth – This is a full-day training designed for public school educators and staff.
  • Supporting Transgender Students – This is a 3-hour training designed for public school administrators, and can be adapted for other settings.
  • Affirming LGBTQ Youth 101 – This is a half-day, introductory training designed for a variety of youth-serving settings (community organizations, service providers, etc.).
  • Sexual Health Counseling for LGBTQ Youth – This is a 4-hour, introductory training for health clinic staff on providing sexual health counseling that affirms LGBTQ youth.
  • LGBTQ-Inclusive Data Collection – This is a 2-hour training and technical assistance opportunity to build youth-serving organizations’ capacity to gather and report on gender and sexuality data in accurate and affirming ways.


  • Delivering Trauma Informed Sexuality Education: This training will support youth-serving professionals in understanding the key principles of using a trauma-informed approach when facilitating sexual education programs. The training emphasizes the importance of a systems approach and can be beneficial for administrators and supervisors. This is a one day training with a required pre-webinar.
  • Awkward to Awesome: This training provides the skills needed to implement any sex education program. Facilitators will go from awkward to awesome while building critical skills needed to teach the basics of sexual and reproductive health, answer sensitive questions, and facilitate programming with young people. This can be a one- or two-day training, depending on the participants' needs.
  • BDI Logic Model and Evaluation Basics: The Behavior-Determinant-Intervention (BDI) Logic Model is a tool to help program developers strategically identify health goals and interventions, understand outcomes and evaluation strategies, and make the case for program support. This is a one-day workshop.
  • Program Evaluation, Design and Implementation: Through this training, staff learn the basics for developing an evaluation plan, planning for data collection (quantitative and qualitative), analyzing the data and using it to inform program decisions, and disseminating the data to various audiences. This is a one-day workshop.
  • Becoming Indispensable: Ensuring Program Sustainability: This workshop examines how program and organizational sustainability are interconnected, how evaluation results can build community and financial support, and the optimal conditions necessary for programs to continue beyond the life of their original funding. This session is designed for executive directors, program managers, and board members from community-based organizations. This is a one-day workshop.


The cost for tailored training is determined on a case-by-case basis. A cost estimate will be provided after reviewing your application and having a follow-up conversation.

Have questions about tailored training or technical assistance? Contact our Director of Training and Consulting Services, 919-226-1880 x109 or