Safe Harbors: Safe & Supportive Housing for Pregnant & Parenting Adolescents

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About half of young parents involved in North Carolina's Adolescent Parenting Program say they need to live somewhere different. The top reasons? Safety, overcrowding, Read our Safe Harbors overview reportfamily tension, and the need for autonomy that comes naturally with both adolescence and parenthood. Unfortunately, North Carolina doesn't have the capacity to meet their needs right now. Housing options are few and far between - with costs and policies preventing more from opening - and too many existing options provide care that isn't supportive of pregnant and parenting teens' unique needs.  

Since 2012, we have worked to asses how well North Carolina is meeting the housing needs of pregnant and parenting teens. We have surveyed available resources, professionals who work with pregnant and parenting teens, and more than 250 teens to produce a series of resources that illustrate our state's severe lack of safe and supportive housing for pregnant and parenting adolescents. 

Housing Needs of Pregnant and Parenting Youth - A full report including information on:

  • the relationship between teen pregnancy/parenthood and homelessness,
  • types and availability of various housing options in North Carolina,
  • focus groups with parenting teens, and
  • key informant interviews with professionals in the field. 

Safe Housing Data Presentation - Information presented at our Safe Harbors Forum on March 20, 2015

Safe Harbors: Creating Safe and Supportive Housing for Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents - A publication with summary needs assessment findings and policy recommendations


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