Lesson Plan: Knowledge to Action: Helping Teens Access Health Services

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Knowledge to Action: Helping Teens Access Health Services (updated 1-28-14)

Supplemental Handouts

Many evidence-based programs are effective at preventing teen pregnancy, in part, because they increase young people's knowledge of and use of contraceptives. Unfortunately, barriers to accessing health care still prevent many young people from getting the care they need. 

Knowledge to Action: Helping Teens Access Health Services is a new lesson plan for use with evidence-based and promising programs. When added as an additional module, the lesson aims to help participants: 

  • Understand their rights to consent to medical services in North Carolina
  • Understand how to navigate health care systems and pay for health care
  • Practice setting an appointment
  • Practice talking to a doctor about their health needs and concerns

The lesson plan offers separate activities and sections for students in comprehensive programs and abstinence-only programs. 

Making Local Adaptations

APPCNC developed Knowledge to Action as a part of its CDC-funded Gaston Youth Connected project. The lesson plan was specifically built to reflect the processes and procedures used at the Gaston County Health Department. We recommend that program facilitators carefully review the lesson plan before implementation to make sure that the processes and procedures described in the lesson will match young people's actual experiences. 

If you would like to receive an adaptable Word document version of the lesson plan, please contact Public Health Specialist Sarah Davis


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