May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

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Durham, N.C. (May 2, 2012) - Decades ago, North Carolina launched the first-ever Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. Now a national event, communities and states across the country are following our lead.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month is a special opportunity to build community awareness of and involvement in teen pregnancy prevention. We encourage you to take advantage of this month to spread valuable information to help young people be and stay safe, healthy, and responsible.

Ways to Get Involved

Host Awareness Raisers – Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month is a good time to gather community leaders to let them know about the progress you’ve made and ongoing local needs. Many organizations host business leader breakfasts or agency tours.

Connect With Your Local Media – Remind your local media of your good work and how it impacts the community. While Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month is an event in and of itself, you can also make draw powerful connections between teen pregnancy prevention and timely events like graduation and prom.

Host Events for Young People and Parents – Many communities host day-long health fairs or parent education events during Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. Use this special month to provide a direct service to young people and their families.

Learn What’s Happening in Other Communities – The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy maintains a list of Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month activities happening across the country. See what others are doing and get inspiration for new  ways to reach your community. 


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