It's (Almost) Official! We need your help on one more step!

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It's official: the Senate has adopted its version of the budget bill.

We have some good news to report. The $650,000 designation for Teen Pregnancy Prevention made its way back into the Senate budget before the final votes were tallied - in part, because of your hard work. 

We still have more work to do, though. House and Senate conferees will work this weekend to determine the final state budget. As the budget stands now, North Carolina will still lose at least 8 pregnancy prevention programs - or 16% of all programs. 

House and Senate budget conferees will work throughout the weekend, so it's important for you to contact them starting today. 

Teen pregnancy prevention programs - and, more importantly, our young people and the well-being of our communities - are too important to give up on just yet.  

Where the Cuts Stand

While pregnancy prevention fared much better in the Senate's final budget than in the original draft, losing $450,000 in federal TANF Funds is a still a big blow. 

On top of losing programs, the loss undermines the impact of TANF in North Carolina. Preventing "out of wedlock" pregnancies (like many teen pregnancies) is one of the four primary goals of TANF Funds. However, North Carolina designates less than 1% of all its TANF funds toward this primary goal. That percentage shrinks even further with this cut. 

As the budget stands now, pregnancy prevention would receive: 

  • $2.5 million in federal TANF Block Grant funds for pregnancy prevention.
  • $650,000 in federal Maternal & Child Health Block Grant funds for pregnancy prevention programs and initiatives.

Pregnancy prevention would lose: 

  • $450,000 in federal TANF Block Grant funds for pregnancy prevention. Without these, at least eight prevention programs (16% of all programs) would be cut.   

What To Do

This weekend (starting today!) is our last chance to save the TANF funds for pregnancy prevention in this budget year. We need you to contact the conferees now. 

Ask them to:

  • Restore $450,000 in TANF funding for teen pregnancy prevention to save an additional 8 local projects.

Remind them: 

  • Pregnancy prevention is one of the primary goals of the federal TANF funds - yet North Carolina spends less than 1% of its TANF funds on pregnancy prevention. 
  • Preventing teen pregnancy saves the state money, and it improves lives and communities. 
  • Together, we have reduced teen pregnancy by more than 50%. We want and need to reduce it another 30% by 2020. These funds are critical to that downward trend.   

Who to Contact

Please contact the following leaders starting today!

Select Senate Leaders

Senator Phil Berger (R), President Pro-Tempore; O: 919-733-5708; B: 336-623-5210 (Guilford, Rockingham) 

Senator Tom Apodaca(R), Rules Committee Chairperson; O: 919-733-5745; B: 828-696-3510 (Buncombe, Henderson, Polk)

Senator Harry Brown (R), Majority Leader; O: 919-715-3034; B: 910-347-3777 (Jones, Onslow) 

Senate Budget Conferees

Senator Richard Stevens (R), Co-Chairperson; O: (919) 733-5653; B: (919) 851-0228 (Wake)

Senator Peter Brunstetter (R), Senior Co-Chair; O: (919) 733-7850; B: (336) 747-6604 (Forsyth)

Senator Neal Hunt (R); O: 919-733-5850; B: 919-781-3464 (Wake)

Senator Bob Rucho (R), O: 919-733-5655; B: 704-847-3461 (Mecklenburg) 

Select House Leaders

Rep. Thom Tillis (R), Speaker; O: 919-733-3451; B: 704-248-0046

Rep. Dale R. Folwell (R), Speaker Pro-Tempore; O:  919-733-5787; B:  336-748-0046 (Forsyth)

House Budget Conferees

Rep. Harold J. Brubaker (R), Senior Chairman; O:  919-715-4946; B:  336-629-5128  (Randolph)

Rep. James W. Crawford(D), Chairperson; O:  919-733-5824; B: 252-492-0185 (Granville, Vance)

Rep. Nelson Dollar (R), Chairperson; O:  919-715-0795; B:  919-233-8399  (Wake)

Rep. Mitch Gillespie, Chairman; O:  919-733-5862; B:  828-652-5548  (Burke, McDowell)

Rep. Linda P. Johnson (R), Chairperson; O:  919-919-733-5861; B:  704-932-1376  (Cabarrus)

Rep. David R. Lewis (R); O:  919-715-3015; B:  910- 892-6171 (Harnett)

A Word of Thanks

Your work inspires us and makes our state a healthier, better, more prosperous place. Thank you for taking time to share your voice with our state's leaders!

Special thanks also to the members of the House and Senate who have recognized the critical importance that preventing teen pregnancy has on our state's people, economy, and communities. 


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