BrdsNBz is Moving!

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The BrdsNBz Text Messaging Service is moving to a new home. Starting October 5th, the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA) will assume operations of BrdsNBz.

When we launched BrdsNBz in 2009, it was one of the nation’s first sexual health text messaging services – a cutting edge way to connect young people with good information in a digital landscape that was not yet equipped to support their sexual health. Through the years, it has provided medically accurate, confidential sexual health information to thousands of young people in North Carolina and in other states. At the same time, we've seen the rise of so many great new digital resources for young people.

SHIFT NC is committed to making sure that sexual and reproductive health information, programs, and services are available, acceptable, and responsive to adolescents and young adults. Our other digital resources – like and – have great information to offer.

We have a long history of launching ideas right here in North Carolina – like Let’s Talk Month and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month – that ultimately can do bigger things on a national stage. ASHA has more than a century of experience providing trustworthy sexual health information, including providing sexual health answers to people who need them. We are excited to see them provide a new home to BrdsNBz.


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    Will the text number still be the same for this program? Also, do you know if ASHA is able to provide promotional materials for the program?

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