Parents are unquestionably the most important ally we have in helping young people become safe, healthy, responsible adults.

We support parents’ right to:

  • Convey their beliefs, values, expectations, and rules to their children.
  • Participate as partners in sex education by fully understanding the contents of any sex education curriculum, building on lessons with conversations at home, and making decisions about an individual child's participation in sex education.
  • Seek comprehensive health care for a child.

We encourage parents to:

  • Be their child’s first educator about anatomy, safety, development, puberty, relationships, sex, and other topics related to sexual health on an ongoing basis during their child’s growth.
  • Set and reinforce clear messages about family beliefs, values, expectations, and rules.
  • Facilitate open and honest conversations about health, sex, and relationships. This strengthens parent-child relationships and helps young people stay healthy.
  • Build relationships with other key adults who can help their child stay healthy, including medical professionals and teachers.
  • Model healthy behaviors, relationships, and attitudes.
We help parents by: 
  • Providing resources like, a site to help parents of 13-15 year olds navigate changing conversations about relationships, sex, and safety. 
  • Including parent voices when designing initiatives. This includes surveying communities' parents and conducting parent focus groups. 
  • Providing parent tools, forums, resources, and events within our initiatives. 

We encourage communities to:

  • Provide comprehensive sex education in schools, something nearly 90% of North Carolina parents say they want their children to have.
  • Engage parents in developing and understanding programs.
  • Promote parent-child interaction, including specifically promoting the role of parents as sex educators.
  • Making the overall community a more supportive place to raise a healthy family.