What Makes A Baby? A new book for families

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"Where do babies come from?" is a question most kids ask. It's a question most parents get. It's also one of the conversational milestones when families talk about sex. 

Most of us heard some version of the traditional response: Something about a man and a woman loving each other...and a baby growing in a mommy's tummy... But that answer doesn't work for many families and many children. 

Enter the great new book, What Makes A Baby?, by well-known sex educator Cory Silverberg. 

What Makes A Baby? is a factually accurate and age-appropriate book about where babies come from that accounts for the many ways children become a part of families. For example, it covers adoptive families, families who use fertility treatments, LGBT families, and families with a network of step-parents and step-siblings. 

While my baby (due later this summer) will have entered the world following the traditional narrative, she will notice at some point that not all babies followed the same path. Her uncle was adopted. Other babies she will know - also adopted by family friends - look entirely different from their parents.  We know how to tell her where she came from, but she will also need and want to know where other people came from. As Cory notes on the What Makes A Baby? website, the book is especially helpful for families who have children with different origins - say, one is biological and one is adopted. 

Talking about sex in a gradual, age-appropriate way is one of the most important things a parent can do to help a child grow up to be a safe, healthy, and responsible adult. What Makes A Baby? is a great new tool to make that process easy, factual, and inclusive of all children. 

What Makes a Baby? is available in print and as an e-book


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