We Can’t Say It Loudly Enough: #thxBirthControl

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Today we’re joining with The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy to say, “Thanks, birth control!” The celebration is happening largely through social media using the hashtag #thxbirthcontrol. (Check out the tag on Twitter and Facebook!)

So, why are we doing this?

99% of adult women in America have used birth control at some point in their lives. For those 99% and their partners, it’s resulted in great outcomes, including:

  • Higher earnings
  • Better maternal and child health
  • Higher educational attainment
  • Better relationships

Beyond that, it’s saved taxpayers billions of dollars associated with the short- and long-term results of unplanned childbearing.

For us, we know that birth control use is the Number 1 reason teen pregnancy has declined 62% since 1990 in North Carolina.

Unfortunately, birth control has been framed as a politically contentious issue.  A new survey out today shows that 91% of Republicans and 95% of Democrats think using birth control is a sign of personal responsibility. We’ve seen that same kind of bipartisan support for providing information on contraception in school-based sex education and in birth control access for teens.

It’s time for us to reset the conversation. Birth control isn’t contentious or controversial. It’s great!

Every one of us has goals. For young people, those include college, career, relationships, travel, and having fun. For our state, it’s making sure young people are college and career ready as they progress through adolescence. For our organization, it’s making sure that young people can save starting a family until they’re ready. All of us are making steady progress toward those goals. And, we’re doing it because of birth control. Let’s give it the thanks it deserves. 


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