Sex Ed Storytelling Highlights How People Learn and Teach About Sex

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More than 110 people showed up to support SHIFT NC for our first-ever Sex Ed Storytelling event at Motorco in Durham on Thursday, December 13. The event highlighted a diverse range of stories about how people learn and teach about sex. 

The evening kicked off with Cumberland County Health Hero Tamra Morris, who prompted riotous laughter with her tale, Sex and the #Sweetbabyjesus, an account of navigating her curiosity about sex with her religious family. Natalie Rich detailed her past career as a medical school pelvic exam model, and how student's reactions to performing their first pelvic exams often mirrored broader cultural ideas about women's bodies. Durham Academy senior Davi Sapiro-Gheiler received all the snaps and wowed everybody with a straightforward account of the lack of sex education for LGBTQ+ youth and the challenges in trying to fill the gaps.

After a short intermission, professional storyteller Ray Christian shared a powerful account of how a local child abuser interacted with children in his poor neighborhood and the trauma he inflicted. Marails Mercado Emerson shared how sex was an out-of-bounds topic in her immigrant household and how she ultimately became a professional sex educator to many - including her mother. Finally, trauma professional and founder of Complete Consent Culture, walked through how she talked to her own children about sex - trying with each to perfect "the talk."  SHIFT NC's Sam Peterson and Elizabeth Finley hosted, each sharing their own stories along the way. 

Thanks to everyone who attended, to our speakers, and to Motorco. 


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