Celebrating One Year as SHIFT NC

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One year ago today, we made a major announcement! After 30 successful years of helping North Carolina address teen pregnancy, we announced a new mission and a new name - SHIFT NC. We have made some remarkable changes in our first year as SHIFT NC: 

  • SHIFT NC launched four new initiatives to help young people grow up healthy. Over the next few years, these initiatives will help Cumberland and Onslow counties reduce teen pregnancy rates by 50%, strengthen the ability of North Carolina's foster care and juvenile justice systems to provide trauma-informed pregnancy prevention services, and help medical providers in Durham and Greensboro adopt best practices in adolescent-friendly healthcare. We look forward to bringing you strong results and real lessons-learned to help young people in your communities grow up healthy. Read about our new initiatives... 
  • SHIFT NC got major props for helping reduce disparities between African-American and white teens. When the CDC released their latest national teen birth rates, they focused on shrinking racial and ethnic disparities - and they credited SHIFT NC's highly successful Gaston Youth Connected initiative for providing lessons that other communities can replicate to address teen pregnancy disparities. Read our report, How Gaston Youth Connected Changed a Community - and New Lessons for North Carolina... 
  • SHIFT NC hosted its biggest and most successful TAKE FLIGHT event, a fundraiser, auction, and benefit for adolescent sexual health. Mark your calendars for September 17, 2016 and join us in Durham to help support adolescent health. 
  • SHIFT NC used its new expanded scope to strengthen services across the state. We just hosted our most expansive conference ever, with sessions and speakers on adolescent males, HIV care, trauma-informed practices, intersectionality, parenting, media literacy, and more. Our program partners are being equipped to support youth in newer, broader ways. Our youth-focused materials have started to incorporate more information on STIs and are more inclusive of LGBT youth. Be sure to check out our new and expanded Teen Playbook website launching this summer! 

Since 1985, our organization has been a proud leader on adolescent health. Becoming SHIFT NC and strengthening our mission - leading North Carolina to improve adolescent and young adult sexual health - gives us new and exciting opportunities to serve North Carolina's youth, families, and communities. As we celebrate the close of our remarkable first year as SHIFT NC, we look forward to building and growing on a legacy of helping young people grow up healthy! 


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