5 Surprising Reasons North Carolina is Saying #ThxBirthControl!

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Today we're joining people all across the nation to say, "Thanks, Birth Control!" Why? Because birth control has made a huge, positive impact on North Carolina - but it still sometimes gets a bad rap. Here are five reasons to celebrate with us:

1. Teen pregnancy is at record lows. 

North Carolina is experiencing record low teen pregnancy rates. Why? Research shows that the decline is almost entirely because today’s teens are making smart birth control choices. 

2. It’s something we all agree on. (Whew!)

Desperately seeking common ground? Birth control’s got you covered. The vast majority of Republicans and Democrats agree that birth control is a basic part of health care – and that using it is taking personal responsibility. 

3. It’s the economy…

In addition to saving North Carolina taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars each year, birth control has boosted women’s wages by about 30% since the 1960s.

4. Y’all know it’s important.

We keep asking North Carolinians what they think of birth control. In survey after survey (like this one!) big majorities of parents and community residents always agree: they want info about it in schools and they want it available to their teens when they need it. 

5. Teens are finding it and loving it!

Medical providers across North Carolina are doing a better job of helping teens find birth control that works for them. Resources like the new and expanded Teen Playbook help teen find safe and effective options.

So what makes you celebrate? Share your reason on social media today with the hashtag #ThxBirthControl. 


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