North Carolina Youth Connected

North Carolina Youth Connected (NCYC) is an initiative launched in Fall 2015 to bring community-wide teen pregnancy prevention initiatives to North Carolina communities. NCYC is funded by the federal Office of Adolescent Health through their Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program. 

The Basics

NCYC is launching multi-pronged, community-wide initiatives to address teen pregnancy in Cumberland County, which is undertaking efforts to mobilize the community, implement evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention programs, and link youth to supportive health care environments. The initiative is designed to replicate SHIFT NC's Gaston Youth Connected Initiative, which piloted these strategies with funding from the Office of Adolescent Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2010 through September 2015. The Gaston Youth Connected Initiative led to a nearly 40% decrease in Gaston County's teen pregnancy rate in the first three years of the project. 


North Carolina Youth Connected is designed to cut teen pregnancy rates in half in Cumberland County by the year 2020. 


Questions? Contact NCYC Project Coordinator Tania Connaughton-Espino