LGBTQ+ Capacity-Building

LGBTQIA adolescents are a large and vibrant part of North Carolina communities. Our capacity-building efforts help partnering organizations — health care providers, schools, community programs, child welfare systems, and others — provide inclusive sex ed, quality health care, and safer, more affirming environments for LGBTQIA young people. Our partners build their capacity to significantly strengthen protective factors for LGBTQIA adolescents’ well-being, safety, and educational attainment, and to positively influence sexual and reproductive health over the lifespan.

Our staff has worked to build capacity-building tools that meet partners where they are while responding to LGBTQ+ young people's needs. Our staff has also received training from other leading organizations focused on young people's health, and build on our own staff's lived experience/membership in LGBQIA, Transgender, Disabled, and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.

LGBTQ+ Technical Assistance and Training

We provide technical assistance that helps professionals in schools, clinics, and youth-serving community organizations foster supportive and inclusive environments for LGBTQIA young people. Support is tailored to each organization, and can target two areas: increasing staff skills and organizational capacity, and implementing up-to-date inclusive, evidence-based programs for supporting LGBTQIA adolescents and improving sexual and reproductive health.

Specialized, customizable trainings to help build skills and capacity to support LGBTQIA young people in schools, healthcare, and youth-serving community organizations include: 

  • Affirming Clinic Interactions: Concepts & Practices for Serving Young LGBTQ+ Patients 
  • Affirming Health Care for Transgender and Non-Binary Patients 
  • Affirming LGBTQ+ Youth 101/201 
  • Clinic Best Practices for Affirming LGBTQ+ Patients 
  • Creating Safer and More Affirming Schools for LGBTQIA Students 
  • Foundational Concepts for Affirming LGBTQ+ Young People 
  • How to Be an Ally to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning Youth (NC Dept. of Public Instruction/NC Healthy Schools)
  • Transgender 101 for Youth-Serving Professionals 
  • Trauma-Informed Healthy Sexuality Education: Two-Part Training Series 

 Training options to help schools, healthcare, and community-based organizations implement inclusive, evidence-based programs include: 

  • IN•clued Health Center Workshop 
  • Training of Facilitators for IN•clued LGBTQ Youth Workshop 
  • Training of Facilitators for Making Proud Choices! Suite of Programs 
  • Training of Facilitators for SHIFT NC's series of Supplemental Lessons and Activities, which can accompany any evidence-based program:
    • Nuts & Bolts - Reproductive Anatomy Basics
    • Tell Me How You Like It - A Lesson on Enthusiastic Consent in Action
    • PrEP & PEP Activity
    • Facts about Emergency Contraception Activity
    • Knowledge to Action: Helping Teen Access Health Services

We continuously update our resources to reflect the priorities and recommendations of LGBQIA and Gender Expansive youth.


To ensure that our work is responsive to LGBTQIA young people's needs and lived experiences, SHIFT NC produced a series of white papers that center young people's recommendations for improving school experiences. These white papers, part of a series called "Don't Leave Us Out", are designed to help school personnel create policies, instruction, and practices that affirm LGBTQIA students in North Carolina Schools. 


For more informatoin or to discuss training and support options, contact LGBTQ+ Capacity-Building Manager Tommy White (they/them.)