Our Space, Your Inspiration - Office Sponsorships

Honor your inspiration - whether it's a mentor, a teen, or a legend in the field - by helping us build out our new office and training space. We will honor these greats with a special plaque, and look forward to revealing them at our October 1st grand opening open house. 

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Sponsorship Logistics

Make your sponsorship online or by contacting Jean Workman

Sponsorships can be made in full OR you can be a contributor to any sponsorship level. To make a partial sponsorship online, enter your amount in the "Other" field and select which sponsorship you're partially funding in the Split Sponsorship field. 

Sponsorship Levels 

Barbara Huberman Agency Sponsor - $2,000

SHIFT NC will name the new office space in honor of our founder Barbara Huberman. Honor Barbara in our front office space, where creative thinkers can meet to discuss advocacy and community change in a space with multi-purpose meeting tables, comfortable chairs and couches.  Each time our visitors walk into our offices they will know who our founder was and why our work mattered in 1985 and continues to exist today.

Donna Breitenstein/Linda Berne Training Room Sponsor - $1,000

Honor Dr. Donna Breitenstein and Dr. Linda Berne for their leadership in sexuality education through the creation of the North Carolina School Health Training Center and Family Life Institute. Their leadership has helped countless educators access the training they need to be top-notch sex educators. This space will also be available to other organizations for meetings, trainings, gatherings and more! 

Legislative Champions Library - $750

Honor legislators who have championed effective sex education, women’s reproductive and sexual health care, and the Minor’s Consent law that allows young people the right to have confidential access to care. This space is filled with resources on adolescent health topics and evidence-based curricula that can be reserved on loan to anyone in the state.

Trailblazer Board Room Sponsor - $500

In honor of our founding board members who believed in the vision of teen pregnancy prevention in North Carolina and carried out that vision by starting the conversation with policy, non-profit, education, and community leaders. This space will also be available to other organization’s use for meetings and gatherings.

BrdsNBz Workroom Sponsor - $250

Honor the innovative BrdsNBz Text Message Warm Line, a service that has provided countless opportunities for young people ages 13 to 19 to text anonymous questions regarding their reproductive and sexual health and receive a confidential, medically-accurate and non-judgmental answer within 24-hours. Now replicated in six states, BrdsNBz Text Line is the first of its kind for meeting the needs of today’s tech savvy youth. 

North Carolina Frontrunners Office Space Sponsor (16 Available) - $100

Honor a leader or mentor by naming individual offices with their name or your agency. Every SHIFT NC staff member will feel the mentoring guidance and the statewide impact of leaders throughout the state every time they walk into their office.

Teen Impact Sponsor (Unlimited) - $50

We all have a teenager that we’ve worked with that made an extraordinary difference in our work and in our life.  Which one changed your life? Honor their impact by filling our training room with chairs in their honor. These teens will be honored in an ever-growing list in our training space so that every person who comes to gather, meet, and learn can see why we do what we do.