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WE RESOLVE... Looking to 2018 with hope, opportunity, and gratitude

The end of the year is a time to celebrate accomplishments, take stock of our progress, and share why WE NEED YOU to help keep the momentum going.

We exist so young people in North Carolina have the education, healthcare, and support they need to grow up healthy. We know our initiatives are effective, and that they impact so many young people in long-lasting ways. In just the past program year, we have increased the capacity of more than 1,370 youth-serving adults so they can provide critical support for some of our state’s most vulnerable youth — like creating safer environments for LGBTQ+ youth, learning how to adapt programs for youth who have experienced trauma, and linking young people to the healthcare they need.

As 2017 comes to a close, we are continuing to expand our excellent work. So from our board, our staff, and all of our partner programs, we THANK YOU for making this work possible. This year, we resolve to keep doing this work for ALL young people in North Carolina — even as federal dollars for this work are stripped away.

Why? Because even in just my first two months here at SHIFT NC, I have heard and felt so much enthusiasm for our mission and our work. We have exciting opportunities to increase our impact on areas like sexually transmitted infections and challenges with health equity — all while taking our most successful approaches to new communities.

We are asking you to consider donating $100 today towards programming that ensures our young people in NC grow up healthy.

We must get to our year-end goal of $15,000 in order to continue our track record of success in the coming years. In October, I shared my story of becoming a monthly sustainer. Several of you joined me, which was beyond heartening. Will you give a year-end gift today?

All my best,

Traci L. Baird, MPH, CEO

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We resolve to... Our resolutions for 2018

  • Champion the most effective strategies for supporting teen health.
  • Promote the success of our partners.
  • Protect the laws and funding that teen health organizations need to do their best work. 
  • Advocate for policies that help educational and health systems work for ALL young people.
  • Support organizations working towards health, equality, equity, and justice.
  • Help the foster care and juvenile justice systems to prioritize sexual health programming.
  • Apply an equity lens to the work we do. 
  • Share the story of the work we do so that others can learn and understand its value.

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Making schools safe for all... 

“I was at a meeting a few years ago when a group of very brave students and a few adult allies came forward to speak to the school board. The students said they did not feel safe or protected at school — simply because they were LGBTQ+. Our school system wanted to do better, but didn’t know where to turn. Then we got connected with SHIFT NC. We brought in SHIFT NC to do their signature training for schools with our counselors and social workers. We knew that our LGBTQ+ students had additional risk factors for education problems — and even suicide — but SHIFT NC helped us understand HOW we could create a safer environment for all students. Since then, our schools have implemented the strategies we learned and our counselors and social workers feel much more confident in their ability support students. Honestly, we can’t wait to have SHIFT NC back to train our teachers and other school personnel.” - Jill Duffy, Director of Student Support Services, Caldwell County Schools

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2017: The Highlights

More than 160 youth advocate for teen health at biggest Adolescent Health Advocacy Day in history!

Initiatives funded by the Office of Adolescent Health wrap up their first full implementation year — serving more than 3,400 youth.

More than 700 school personnel learn how to support LGBTQ+ students.

Healthcare access and improvement work expands to High Point and Alamance County.

Community-wide teen pregnancy initiatives expand to Wayne County. launches, providing a new resource to help parents of 12-15-year-olds talk about relationships, sex, and safety.

Teen pregnancy rates drop to the lowest point in state history — a 73% reduction since they peaked in the 1990s.

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Why I Give to SHIFT NC... 

“I have long admired and valued the work of SHIFT NC in support of youth, families and communities across North Carolina. The programs and services provided by SHIFT NC ensure that teens and families receive accurate, relevant and critical sexual health information necessary for good decision making and optimal health. I have worked with SHIFT NC as a partner and served on its Board and know, first hand, that its programs, staff and reputation are exemplary.” - Mary Jane Akerman, Executive Director of Communities in Schools in Thomasville and former SHIFT NC Board Chair