Call for Young Leaders in Alamance County

Call for young leaders in Alamance County

About Alamance Youth Connected (AYC): AYC is a three-year initiative designed to reduce teen pregnancy, birth, and STI rates in Alamance County by engaging the community, schools, parents, healthcare providers, and young people in a systems-thinking approach to improving health.

About the Youth Leadership Team: The YLT provides an opportunity for members ages 14-19 to:

  • Learn about sexual and reproductive health
  • Build their leadership skills and networks
  • Explore arts like theater, poetry, crafts, and more!

Members will also receive training and support to create their own campaigns for improving adolescent health in Alamance County.

YLT Members: We aim to recruit 10 young leaders, ages 14-19, who are living in Alamance County and who are interested in adolescent sexual and reproductive health. We especially want to involve young leaders who are Black or African American; Hispanic or Latinx; LGBTQ+; boys/men; and older adolescents ages 18-19.

Commitment: From July 2021 until June 2022, the YLT will convene virtually twice per month, for a total of one meeting (1-2 hours) and one training (1-2 hours) every month. Members must commit to the full year.

Stipend: YLT members will receive a $25 stipend for each meeting or training that they attend. For any meetings that happen in person, members will also receive a $10 travel stipend.

Interviews: Finalists must be available for a 30-minute video interview from June 7 – June 17.

Access: We will ask applicants to share their access needs (such as ASL or closed captioning) when we schedule their video interview. Spanish-speaking parents and guardians who would like information in Spanish can contact Tommy White (they/elle) (habla español) at to arrange a phone call.

Apply here by Friday June 11, 2021