Be an Advocate

Our shared ability to help young people be safe, healthy, and responsible now and into adulthood is deeply linked to the decisions of North Carolina policymakers. These decisions influence whether: 

  • Young people can access the care they need
  • Sex education is safe, effective, and in line with parents' opinions and public health best practices
  • Teen parents can succeed as parents, students, and community members
  • Our most vulnerable young people get the specialized support they need

Many of the decisions are made at the state level, while many more are made by county commissioners, school board members, or administrators. Some decisions are even made by Congress and the President. 

How to Get Involved

The most effective advocacy is built on long-term connections you make with the people who represent you. If a decision maker knows you as a trusted resource on the health of your community's young people, he or she will be more likely to listen to your advice, information, and requests. 

Advocacy Alerts

When the North Carolina General Assembly is in session, we will send out Action Alerts to update you on what's happening and how you can take action. Very often this action needs to be immediate. Sign up to get the latest Action Alerts!

Adolescent Health Advocacy Day

Every other year, during the North Carolina General Assembly's long sessions, we invite youth from across the state to join us on Adolescent Health Advocacy Day - or AHAD. At AHAD, young people get the opportunity to meet with their legislators to share key messages, personal experiences, and their hopes and needs for youth health in North Carolina. AHAD always includes training to help young people communicate effectively with their legislators.