Does My Organization Qualify?

In listing Organizations That Support Adolescent Sexual Health on each county's profile on the County Map, our goal is to provide young people and families with access to additional support services in their community. 

To appear on the list of Organizations That Support Adolescent Sexual Health, an organization must do one of the following: 

  • Provide an evidence-based or comprehensive curriculum that directly addresses sexual health (i.e. pregnancy prevention, HIV prevention, etc.)


  • Maintain an active policy to link participants with comprehensive sexual health clinical services and/or information, when needed, as a part of broader services, primarily youth development services

Examples of qualifying organizations: 

  • A local nonprofit that provides Making Proud Choices as a part of their teen pregnancy prevention strategy
  • A domestic violence organization that will refer teen clients to the health department for contraceptive care or HIV/STD testing and treatment
  • An organization that provides support and fellowship for LGBT youth, but will provide medically accurate sexual health information when questions arise
  • Parenting programs for teen parents that incorporate comprehensive secondary prevention

Process for Adding an Organization

To add an organization to the list of Organizations That Support Adolescent Sexual Health, please submit the Update Your County Profile form. Submitting the form will generate a request to SHIFT NC staff. Staff will follow-up on your request to ensure an organization meets the above criteria, and will then add qualifying organizations to the map. 

If you have questions about whether your organization qualifies or feel we have made an incorrect decision about an organization, please contact Elizabeth Finley