Action Alert

It's (Almost) Official! We need your help on one more step!

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It's official: the Senate has adopted its version of the budget bill.

We have some good news to report. The $650,000 designation for Teen Pregnancy Prevention made its way back into the Senate budget before the final votes were tallied - in part, because of your hard work. We still have more work to do, though. House and Senate conferees will work this weekend to determine the final state budget. As the budget stands now, North Carolina will still lose at least 8 pregnancy prevention programs - or 16% of all programs. 

Urgent Budget Action Needed (Starting Today!)

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Late last night, the NC Senate released its version of the state budget. The news for Teen Pregnancy Prevention is not good. We need your immediate help to try to save North Carolina's stellar Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiatives.

Legislative Action Alert! Restore TPPI Funding

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The NC General Assembly has been in session the first six days of their short session.  Legislators are fast at work adjusting the state budget. Numerous advocates have held lobbying days and have flooded legislators with their concerns about emerging budget details.