Mission and Values

Our Mission

Leading North Carolina to improve adolescent and young adult sexual health. 

Our Vision

Sexual health matters. We work to empower North Carolinians so that every adolescent grows up in a state that is equipped to support their sexual health. Investing in young people’s sexual health benefits them, our state, and our communities now and in the future.

Our Values

How we do our work and the priorities we set for our own behavior are critical to our organizational culture and our success. We hold the following organizational values, which we use to guide our organizational decisionmaking.

  • We aspire to be equitable and inclusive, and we value diversity in our staff, board, partners, and communities. We respect all people and want to improve the balance of power and privilege.
  • We value the expertise of our partners, and work with them to achieve positive impact for adolescents and their sexual health.
  • We are guided by evidence and the voices and needs of young people; we advance the field by contributing new evidence and innovating when needed.
  • We operate with integrity, holding ourselves to high standards regarding transparency, trustworthiness, and humility.

Our Points of Unity

  1. Young people who are LGBTQ, are people of color, are immigrants or undocumented, are differently-abled, are justice- or foster care-involved, and/or are low-income are often marginalized. They need access to sexual health information and sexual health services that meet their unique needs.
  2. All young people are experts on their own lives and have the right to self-determination.
  3. All young people need accurate sexual health information and access to high-quality and supportive sexual health services.
  4. Young people are entitled to healthy and supportive environments where they can thrive.
  5. Transforming systems creates lasting change.