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3710 University Drive, Suite 310
Durham, NC 27707

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Direct Contact List

Janeen Gingrich, Interim Chief Executive Officer: ext. 100

Ariana Goswick, Supportive Schools Coordinator, ext. 117

Debbie Engelbrecht, Chief Finance Officer: ext. 110

Elise Berrier, Capacity-Building Specialist - Juvenile Justice System, ext. 118

Elizabeth Finley, Director of Strategic Communications: ext. 107

Janae’ Roberts, NC Youth Connected Program Specialist: ext. 119

Jean Workman, Director of Development: ext. 115

Jenny Palmer, School Engagement Specialist: ext. 104

Kate Steber, NC Youth Connected Community Coordinator - Cumberland County: ext. 112

Kennon Jackson, Jr., Director of Technology: (910) 920-7211

Kia Thacker, Every Teen Counts Project Coordinator & Priority Populations Specialist: (704) 215-5980

Krista Park Berry, Integrated Communications Specialist: ext. 122

Madison Ward, NC Youth Connected Community Coordinator: ext. 106

Marcia Swartz, NC Youth Connected Clinic Improvement and Linking Specialist: ext 120

Melinda DeJongh, Director of Resource & Special Projects: ext. 108

Meriel Shire, Clinic Improvement & Linking Specialist: ext. 121

Michela Garrison, Evaluation Specialist: ext. 102

Michelle Reese, Senior Clinic Improvement Advisor: (704) 215-5980

Pat Hilliard, Human Resources Manager: ext. 103

Riz Khan, Clinic Improvement and Linking Specialist, 984-233-1001

Sally Swanson, Chief Program Officer: ext. 105

Sarah Davis, Senior Technical Advisor: ext. 114

Tamara Robertson, Capacity Building Specialist - Foster Care System, ext. 113

Tania Connaughton-Espino, NC Youth Connected Project Coordinator: ext. 109

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