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Program Evaluation Webinar Series

In this series of four webinars, participants will learn the purposes and major types of program evaluation, identify the advantages and disadvantages of various data collection methods for evaluation, identify the appropriate data analysis, and identify strategies for presenting program evaluation findings to diverse audiences.

Gender Inclusive Schools 101

This pre-recorded webinar is intended as an introduction to basic concepts related to gender diversity and inclusion. Through research and data, videos, and self-reflection, participants will build comfort and capacity to engage in gender inclusive work with students and families.


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Inclusive Intake Forms Webinar Series

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In this two-part webinar series, participants will review basic terminology relevant to LGBTQ+ youth with an understanding of gender neutral pronouns and outdated language for allies to avoid, as well as the key components of ensuring your health center's intake forms are LGBTQ+ inclusive with concrete recommendations and thoughtful questions to consider as a health care center.