On-Demand Training

Sometimes professional development works better when it's on your turf. In those cases, we offer on-demand training. 

On-demand training can help you:

  • Implement a new curriculum with all facilitators officially trained
  • Incorporate local needs, procedures, or information into a training
  • Build staff cohesion around ways to reduce teen pregnancy

How to Schedule an On-Demand Training

To begin the process of planning an on-demand training, please submit an application at least 3 months before your desired training date. A staff person will contact you to begin coordinating your event. 

To begin, please fill out one of the following:

Available Topics


  • Making Proud Choices!  Making Proud Choices!  is an evidence-based prevention program which includes a focus on the reasons and strategies to delay sexual initiation as well as skills for defining personal goals, negotiating safer sex, and correctly using contraceptives, including condoms. It is targeted at middle school African American, Hispanic, and White adolescents. This is a 2 ½ day training.
  • ¡Cuídate! ¡Cuídate! is a culturally-based program to reduce HIV sexual risk behavior and teen pregnancy among Latino youth. It can be implemented with other sub-populations as well but has a focus on some common Latino cultural values and uses those values to support healthy sexual decision-making. This is a 2 ½ day training.
  • Safer Choices Safer Choices is an integrated (HIV and pregnancy prevention) evidence-based curriculum targeting ninth and tenth graders in a school setting. It is a multi-component approach that engages school personnel, parents, peer educators, and the community. This is a three-day training and requires a prior readiness preparation meeting with SHIFT NC staff.
  • Smart Girls Smart Girls Life Skills Training provides the skills and information for adolescent girls ages 11 to 16 to be “Smart Girls,” making smart decisions who grow up to be smart women who are ultimately happy, healthy, and successful in life. It is an abstinence-plus approach to teen pregnancy prevention that involves sharpening decision making and self esteem building skills, creating positive life goals, and strengthening family connections.  It is a one-day training. 
  • Other program-specific trainings  We have long-standing partnerships with other state and national organizations that provide training. If we cannot provide the curriculum training you need, we can usually help you connect with a training provider who can. 

Organizational Capacity Workshops

  • Teaching Techniques  We call this one sex ed boot camp! Experience actual examples of teaching techniques from experts in the field. You will take home practical new skills and ideas for the classroom that are successful and that you can feel good about. This training is intended for anyone who teaches sexuality education. It is a one-day training.
  • BDI Logic Model and Evaluation Basics  The Behavior-Determinant-Intervention (BDI) Logic Model is a tool to help program developers strategically identify health goals and interventions, understand outcomes and evaluation strategies, and make the case for program support. This is a one-day workshop. 
  • Introductory Grant Writing and Evaluation Basics  This one-day workshop provides an overview of successful grant writing including practical tips.
  • Becoming Indispensable: Ensuring Program Sustainability  This workshop examines how program and organizational sustainability are interconnected; how evaluation results can build community and financial support; and the optimal conditions necessary for programs to continue beyond the life of their original funding. This session is designed for executive directors, program managers, and board members from community-based organizations. This is a one-day workshop. 


The cost for an on-demand training is determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Jenny Palmer or Sarah Davis to inquire about costs and next steps. 

Have questions about on-demand training? Contact School Engagement Specialist Jenny Palmer or Director of Resources & Special Projects Melinda DeJongh.