2016 Conference Speakers and Special Events

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Keynote, May 12: Solomon Masala - Small Beats, Giant Grooves: The Sound of Moving Forward

Drum Cafe is a unique, hands-on approach to learning, community-building, and motivation. Through the power of interactive drumming, participants feel the common unity around cause, build inspiration through the energy of the process, feel the impact of aligned efforts in achieving, and celebrate the collective success!

Plenary, May 12: Karen Rayne - Breaking the Hush Factor: What Happens When Parents and Teens Talk

Families of origin, circumstance, and choice are where we are born, marry, have children, and die. Three of these things are inextricably tied to sex. And while we can usually talk about marriage and babies in general, conversations about sex often remain hushed, if not outright judged and forbidden. Whether the hesitance to talk is coming from adults or teenagers or both, the adult’s approach to talking about sex in the home matters. This plenary session will provide a useful mix of theory and practice to help you support real, complex families on their paths towards honesty, empathy, love, and commitment.

Keynote, May 13: Sam Killermann - The Importance of Advocating for Folks of All Genders and Sexualities

Sexuality education is as much about removing shame from conversations about health and wellness as it is about anatomy and physiology. In order to provide comprehensive care to everyone -- folks of all genders and sexualities -- we must satisfy two conditions: like teaching about anatomy and physiology, we must understand the diversity of gender and sexuality in order to educate accurately; and we must also remove the stigma, shame, and fear around advocating for folks whose gender or sexuality is marginalized.


Pre-Conference Training, May 11: Legal Issues in Adolescent Health Care

COST: $100

Abigail English, J.D., Director, Center for Adolescent Health and the Law; Jill D. Moore, M.P.H., J.D., Associate Professor of Public Law and Government, School of Government, UNC Chapel Hill

This pre-conference will address laws affecting adolescent health care, with an emphasis on consent to health care, confidentiality of health information, and special considerations with adolescent populations. We will consider national trends and look closely at the laws of the state of North Carolina. Topics to be addressed include minors’ consent laws, confidentiality of minors’ health care information, trends in laws affecting minors’ health care, and current hot topics in adolescent health care and confidentiality. 

Lip Sync Battle and After Party

FREE with conference registration. Note: Please indicate on your registration form if you plan to attend. Please indicate your interest in performing on your registration form or by contacting Michelle Reese.  

Who will claim bragging rights as SHIFT NC's Lip Sync Battle Champ? Join us at 8:00 PM for the big battle and stay for the 9:00 PM Afterparty. Enter yourself or a team (2-6 people, teams do not have to be from the same organization). Extra points for costumes and props! 

HOW TO REGISTER AS A PERFORMER: Indicate on your registration form that you are interested in performing. SHIFT NC will contact you with details. You may also contact Michelle Reese directly to express your interest. We have limited space for individuals/teams, so choose the contact option that will be quicker for you.