Be an Influencer: October is Let's Talk Month

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October is Let's Talk Month, a time to focus on the critical importance of talking about sexual health. In surveys, young people consistently say that their parents or guardians influence their decisions on sex, safety, and relationships more than anyone else - including friends or the media. 

As powerful influencers, parents have a great opportunity to share information of lifelong importance. And, although there's so much emphasis on "the talk", most parents know that talking early and often, answering questions as they come, is the way to go - whether it's names of body parts or explaining where babies come from. As kids age, though, conversations can get more complicated. That's why we've created Prepared Parent. 

Prepared Parent is a choose-your-own-adventure mobile website that guides parents or guardians of teens through conversations about sex, relationships, and safety. A few simple clicks can guide parents through explaining their values, providing factually accurate health information, finding a doctor, and tailoring conversations to their teens' identity. Visit to guide your conversations during Let's Talk Month and beyond. 


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