BrdsNBz Text Line System

Since launching the BrdsNBz Text Message Warm Line in 2009, many agencies have expressed interest in replicating the service. We are proud to help bring text message services to these areas through the BrdsNBz Text Line System. So far, BrdsNBz has launched services in Texas, South Carolina, Maryland, New Mexico, New York, and more. 

BrdsNBz and Your Community

In North Carolina, BrdsNBz provides confidential and factual sexual health information to young people ages 13 to 19. We recognize that each state, location, or organization may want to use text messaging to meet different needs.

In other locations, BrdsNBz has been used to:

  • Address sexual health and bullying for LGBTQ youth in Texas
  • Help parents become more engaged in talking to their children about sexual health
  • Answer sexual health questions in Spanish

BrdsNBz is different from other services because users get an individual response from a person – not a keyword-based response from a computer database. This gives you the ability to thoroughly answer messages and direct users to other resources if needed.  

Our Services

Interested in creating a text message service? The BrdsNBz Text Line System staff can work with you to:

  • Plan and launch the service
  • Develop processes, procedures, and protocols specific to your organization's needs
  • If desired, integrate your text message service with other new media support systems
  • Manage the technical aspects of the text service, including setting up a number and providing ongoing tech support


Want to learn more about the BrdsNBz Text Line System? Contact Kennon Jackson, Jr.