Working to Institutionalize Sex Education

What does it take to provide effective sex education in schools? The answer is more than just teacher training.

When North Carolina passed its landmark Healthy Youth Act in 2009, communities were given a new opportunity to provide the kind of sex education that parents, public policy, and research all support.

The Working to Institutionalize Sex Education project – or WISE – builds on this opportunity by partnering with school systems to create an environment that supports effective sex education. Each participating school system partners with us to:

  • Analyze current curricula, policies, and procedures to make sure they support student health and align with state requirements;
  • Build a shared understanding among administrators, principals, and teachers about the school system’s sex education policies;
  • Select a curriculum that meets the community’s needs;
  • Develop a training plan to help all classroom teachers learn to teach the selected curriculum comfortably and effectively.

Are you interested in becoming a WISE partner school system? Contact School Engagement Specialist Jenny Palmer.

To learn more about how schools can promote student health, visit our Resource page For Schools