100 County Campaign

Building on the idea that every county can mobilize to promote adolescent sexual health and prevent teen pregnancy, the 100 County Campaign works with Anson and Onslow Counties to replicate key lessons learned from the Gaston Youth Connected initiative. 

Community Mobilization

The 100 County Campaign brings together community leaders who are ready and willing to move the needle on teen pregnancy. These leaders work together to: 

  • Understand community needs
  • Raise awareness in all sectors of the community
  • Create coordinated community plans to address teen pregnancy

Understanding the Community

Each 100 County Campaign community conducts a detailed needs assessment to create an accurate understanding of the community's needs and desires. From surveying parents to hot spot-mapping teen births, these activities help organize all of the background information needed to attract funding, inform the community, and encourage change. 

Coordinated Planning

Teen pregnancy is a complex issue, and is best addressed using a coordinated, multi-pronged approach. By working together as 100 County Campaign participants, leaders from key systems and organizations - schools, the medical community, parents, nonprofits, faith leaders, youth-serving systems - gain a clear understanding of priority steps to addressing teen pregnancy. 

Professional Development

Key players in the community have access to the professional development they need to implement best practice approaches to prevent teen pregnancy and promote sexual health. 


Interested in learning more about the 100 County Campaign? Contact Madison Ward