Legislative Advocacy

Our vision is that every young person has the effective sex education, access to health care, and family and community support they need to lead a sexually healthy life. Public policy - whether it's generated in Congress, at the North Carolina General Assembly, or as an administrative policy in a youth-serving organization - plays a major role in a young person's ability to access critical information and services. 

Our legislative advocacy focuses on three major issues: 

  1. Sex education: Ensuring that schools and communities are equipped to provide effective, age-appropriate, medically accurate sex education that is comprehensive and follows public health best practices.  
  2. Access to sexual and reproductive health care: Making sure that young people have access to adolescent-friendly reproductive health services, including birth control, and ensuring that North Carolina's confidentiality and minor's consent laws align with public health and medical recommendations. 
  3. Strengthening support programs for high-risk youth: Protecting North Carolina's state-funded Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program and Adolescent Parenting Program, which reduce unplanned pregnancies in vulnerable groups of youth. 

In addition, we weigh in on any current legislative item that could directly impact young people's ability to be and stay sexually healthy or avoid an unplanned pregnancy. 

2015 Key Issues

Our legislative priorities for the 2015 session of the NC General Assembly include: 

  1. Protecting the Healthy Youth Act
  2. Safeguarding North Carolina's Minor's Consent law
  3. Ensuring adequate funding for the state's Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiatives
  4. Supporting advocates of Medicaid expansion

Check out the following issue papers from Adolescent Health Advocacy Day 2015 to learn more: 

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Access to Care

Adolescent Well-Being

If you have questions about a particular policy issue, please contact Elizabeth Finley.