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2014 Teen Pregnancies 

Number of pregnancies among 15-19-year-old girls: 10,328
Teen pregnancy rate per 1,000 15-19-year-old girls: 32.3
Teen pregnancy rates by race/ethnicity
African American: 44.0
Hispanic: 52.8
White: 23.1
Teen pregnancy rates by age
15-17-year-olds: 15.5
18-19-year-olds: 56.5
Number of pregnancies among 15-17-year-old girls: 2,909
Number of pregnancies among 18-19-year-old girls: 7,419
Percent of Repeat Pregnancies: 22.4%
Teen birth rate per 1,000 15-19-year-old girls: 25.9
Latest National Ranking (out of 50 states): 22
Change since 2013: -8.5%

*Rates based on small numbers (<20 pregnancies) are unstable and not provided. All rates are per 1,000.

Sources: North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics. National ranking calculated by the Guttmacher Institute. 

Updated January 2016. See Archived Statistics

County Comparisons

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2014 Teen Pregnancies Ranked by County (in alphabetical order)

2014 Teen Pregnancies (15-19-year-olds)

2014 Repeat Teen Pregnancies

By Race/Ethnicity:

2014 Teen Pregnancies by Race/Ethnicity

By Age:

2014 15-17-Year-Old Pregnancies 

2014 18-19-Year-Old Pregnancies

Historical Comparisons

30-Year Teen Pregnancy Trends, 1985-2014

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Sexual Health

Number of Chlamydia Cases (2014, 10-19-year-olds): 14,262
Number of Gonorrhea Cases (2014, 10-19-year-olds): 3,116

North Carolina Schools Health Policies

2009 Healthy Youth Act

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