Anson County, NC

Local information on the state of adolescent health and helpful resources. 

2016 Teen Pregnancies

Number of pregnancies among 15-19-year-old girls: 29
Teen pregnancy rate per 1,000 15-19-year-old girls: 40.2
Teen pregnancy rates by race/ethnicity
African American: *
Hispanic: *
White: *
Teen pregnancy rates by age
15-17-year-olds: *
18-19-year-olds:   *
Number of pregnancies among 15-17-year-old girls: 11
Number of pregnancies among 18-19-year-old girls: 18
Percent of Repeat Pregnancies: 27.6%
Teen birth rate per 1,000 15-19-year-old girls: 37.4
NC County Ranking (out of 100 counties): 16
Change since 2015: -16.8%

*Rates based on small numbers (<20 pregnancies) are unstable and not provided.

Source: North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics

Updated November 2017. See Archived Statistics

Sexual Health

Number of Chlamydia Cases (2016, all ages): 173
Number of Gonorrhea Cases (2016, all ages): 101

Number of HIV Reports (2016, all ages): 5

The total numbers of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea cases are useful indicators of adolescent sexual health as they are most common among young people ages 15-24.

HIV reports are notable because youth ages 13-24 account for more than 1 in 5 new HIV diagnoses in the United States. 

Data Source: NC DHHS, HIV/STD Surveillance Unit, Communicable Disease Branch


Anson County Schools Health Policies

Board Policy Manual

Comprehensive Health Education: Not Currently Available Online

School Policy on Bullying/Harassment: Policy Code 4021

Education for Pregnant/Parenting Students: Policy Code 4023

Organizations that Support Adolescent Sexual Health

Anson County Partnership for Children


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